This depends on the aircraft and medical recommendations. In general, we try to always plan for at least one passenger, such as a family member or private-duty nurse. In many cases, our flights can easily accommodate up to two passengers. In all cases, every passenger decision is based on medical recommendations and flight safety regarding weight and capacity. On request, we schedule larger aircraft to accommodate up to five loved ones to travel with the patient. Our flight coordinators can help you arrange the trip that fits your situation best.

Airborne Air Ambulance flights can be activated within 60 minutes or less of a request for service. In many cases, even “emergency service” is not unforeseen and preparatory steps can be taken in advance. One way that professional caseworkers speed up the process is by registering in advance with Airborne Air Ambulance. Private-pay families and patients can do this, as well. Simply call our headquarters (855) 227-3359, and we will create an open account with basic booking information.

Airborne Air Ambulance’s medical standards make it the first choice among patients who are returning home after an overseas operation or treatment. We handle baggage, customs and paperwork in addition to monitoring your medical condition with compassion and expertise.

Never. We plan, book and fly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. We are on-call, all the time. Our toll-free number is your hotline to qualified ground personnel around the clock. My medical center’s patient advocate has arranged my family member’s flight with Airborne Air Ambulance.

You may do as much or as little as you wish. Rest assured that your caseworker and Airborne Air Ambulance staff are coordinating every detail of the flight. If you have elected to go along on the flight, your caseworker has probably already arranged this. You can call our toll-free number, (855) 227-3359, to confirm arrangements or request additional services (compatible with our primary safety and medical considerations, of course).

Bedside-to-bedside medical transport extends the staff support, people, and medical care from originating site before your aircraft’s take-off to touch-down and arrival at the real destination, even when that’s far beyond the airport. In short, Airborne Air Ambulance manages every phase of getting to and on the aircraft and every phase of getting home. Typical transportation arrangements include ambulances, private cars, railway connections, meeting ships in port, and commercial flight connections. .

We will work with you to communicate with staff, pilots, and caregivers throughout the flight. Call our toll-free number (855) 227-3359, to facilitate this.

Airborne Air Ambulance: (855) 227-3359